How Our WordPress Plugin Helps Publishers Streamline Video Distribution & Monetization

Posted by Sarah Hughes on May 4, 2017 3:35:04 PM

Topics: Product Updates, Video Monetization


Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and its familiarity with writers all over the world, has evolved from its initial user base of small businesses and bloggers to become the most widely used open source Content Management System on the internet. In fact, WordPress now powers over 27% of all websites – 62% of which are owned by Inc. 5000’s top 100 fastest growing companies, along with leading publications like Wired, TechCrunch, Quartz, and BBC America.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks to running a site on WordPress is the ability to easily integrate it with every major platform through its 49,982 (and counting) plugins. And since our number one goal at Wibbitz is make it as easy as possible for every publisher to distribute and monetize video on every page of their site, it only made sense to build a WordPress plugin to do just that.

The Wibbitz Video Player WordPress plugin enables publishers to embed the Wibbitz video player(s) within their WordPress pages, and easily customize the players to fit their needs – autoplay, scroll-to-play, or click-to-play; sound on, muted, or hover to unmute; etc. – with a simple shortcode. Once these players are installed, the publishers’ site will be automatically integrated with the Wibbitz video creation platform - where all they have to do is click ‘Publish’ to get their video on its intended page.

Regardless of which CMS a publisher’s site runs on, our video players are a significant aspect to our turnkey video solution. Our players make it possible for publishers to distribute fully-branded videos created in the Wibbitz Control Room across their site in a click, and monetize them using our premium ad partners or their own. Within the first three months of implementing our players, our partners see their video ad revenue from Wibbitz increase by 23% on average. Here’s a quick overview of our two video player options:

floatingwidget.png  Main Video Player:

  • Placed near the top within the body text of an article to add rich media to your story
  • Sticks to the bottom right of the screen when it disappears from view to optimize viewability without disrupting existing content (same functionality on desktop & mobile)

widgetmobile.png Widget Video Player:

  • Desktop: Floats along the left or right rail to promote content discovery and optimize viewability without disrupting existing content
  • Mobile: Sleek design with swipe capabilities between videos for a native mobile experience

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