5 brands with winning fall sports video coverage

Posted by Bradley Popkin on Nov 2, 2017 4:12:37 PM

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The fall season is marked not only by a change in weather but a shift in the sports universe — baseball is winding down, while basketball, football and hockey are in full swing. Fans aren’t just watching from the tube anymore, they’re also watching on the go, which means brands have to adjust their coverage to fit a variety of screens. And with so many games going on, there will be plenty of sports fanatics on the lookout for captivating videoCheck out how these 5 brands are leading the pack in fall sports coverage:

1. USA Today Sports

“Sports media has changed from a narrative storytelling style into something much more digestible. Video caters very well to the digital, mobile consumer. While we won’t pivot completely to video, using video to complement our written content provides a more enriching user experience.”

- Neal Coolong, Senior Editor of NFL sites at USA TODAY Sports Media Group

When the NFL season kicks off, you can bet that eyes everywhere will be glued to their televisions.. and phones. Football fans want the rundown of the stats and action all in one neat package, which is what our partner, USA Today Sports, is bringing their audience every week — thanks in part to the Wibbitz platform. With the help of Wibbitz powering their video production, they have recorded upwards of hundreds of thousands of views on a majority of their videos, like this one on week 8 highlights.


2. Bleacher Report

Whereas USA Today Sports focuses on rich, informative video content, Bleacher Report places emphasis on lively, digestible video. Most of their social videos don’t last much longer than 30 seconds — and if there’s one thing we know about younger social audiences, it’s that their attention spans are short. Take for instance this Instagram video on NBA superstar Kyrie Irving’s insane passing ability. It’s quick, exciting and showcases one specific highlight.


Sheesh, Kyrie🔥

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3. Whistle Sports

Emotion — whether funny or serious — is synonymous with sports and social video is an excellent tool to capture it. These kinds of moments — like heartwarming athlete profiles — have a greater likelihood of going viral because fans resonate with them. Our partner, Whistle Sports, brings its millions of fans — with the help of the Wibbitz platform — the most eye-catching moments, like this video on how a college lacrosse player’s legacy lives on after his death.


4. Barstool Sports

Sports coverage is not just about the emotion, or pre- and post-game coverage. Fans are also looking for brands that help put the action into perspective. Barstool Sports is a brand that has been gaining notoriety for their crude humor, enabling them to challenge the top dogs in sports coverage. Not only have they accumulated more Facebook video views than stalwarts like ESPN, but Barstool Sports has also outperformed their competitor in Facebook and Twitter interactions. Take a look at this Facebook video on the recent Jimmy Garoppolo trade that reached over 100K views!

5. The Wildcard

Politics has become intertwined with sports coverage as of late. The Wildcard’s mission is to provide sports fans that are “disenchanted with the mainstream media” with unfiltered content on the biggest and most controversial topics that surround sports — such as the NFL’s national anthem protests. Since partnering with Wibbitz, The Wildcard has begun to scale production of social video to its Facebook audience of over 600,000.



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