Introducing the Wibbitz Widgets: Video Players for Publishers, Powered by Text-to-Video Technology

Posted by Yotam Cohen on Nov 15, 2016 9:41:36 AM

Topics: Product Updates, Video Monetization

As audience and advertiser demands for video continue to skyrocket, publishers must find better ways to meet these demands without investing excessive resources or consuming their editorial staff's valuable time. Over the past year, our powerful text-to-video automation technology has supported publishers of all sizes to expand their premium video output. Today, we’re excited to officially announce a new addition to our automated video solution: the Wibbitz Widget video players. You can check out the full press release here.

The Wibbitz Widgets are the first video players to seamlessly distribute automatically created videos across publishers’ sites. With one-click publishing directly from our Control Room video creation platform, the Widgets make video distribution and monetization as simple as our platform makes creation. The Widgets play fully branded videos on relevant article pages, created using automation by a publisher’s in-house team or as one of our ready-made Top Story videos. Publishers are able to bring their digital video strategy full circle by increasing in-stream video ad inventory, engaging audiences with fresh, relevant video content, and maximizing the value of every page on their site.

The powerful combination of our video creation platform’s automated text-to-video technology, brand customization tools, and streamlined distribution to the Widget video players has made Wibbitz the #1 solution for publishers to establish a results-driven digital video strategy. USA TODAY Sports Media Group has leveraged the Wibbitz Widget to expand their digital video presence and portfolio of brands, and has already seen a monthly average of 8.9 million video views across 30 of their owned-and-operated sites.

“By allowing our editorial team to efficiently create curated videos with engaging graphics and text overlays that we distribute across our sites and social channels, the Wibbitz platform has been a key component to our growth in video. We’ve been able to significantly expand our use of video across our 30 owned and operated sports properties by leveraging the Wibbitz toolsets to create highly engaging video content for our top trending stories. This has led to increases in video views, user engagement, social shares, social followers and revenue.”

- Christopher Pirrone, USA TODAY Sports Media Group’s General Manager of Sports Digital Properties

CASE STUDY: How the Wibbitz Widget Supports USA TODAY Sports Media Group's Video Expansion

Following the success achieved by partners using a beta version of the Widget, we’re now excited to roll out additional versions for desktop and mobile with more to come:


Carousel Desktop

Custom design for each publisher’s brand to fit natively on any page of your site

Settings for player location, size, and behavior to optimize for audience engagement and monetization

Floating Desktop (pictured above)

Floats along the left or right rail to promote content discovery and guarantee 100% ad viewability

Enriches content and expands revenue opportunities without disrupting your page’s existing content



Sleek design with swipe capabilities between videos for a native mobile experience

Future versions that support square and vertical video formats

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