Wibbitz Video Themes: Find the perfect style for your story

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Apr 5, 2017 6:14:03 PM

Topics: Product Updates, Video Trends


The Wibbitz team strives to establish unique relationships with each of our partners. Every new feature, fix, and update to our Control Room platform is added to enhance value, minimize effort, and provide current solutions for a scalable digital video strategy—largely based on partner feedback. The ultimate goal of the Wibbitz Control Room is to provide all members of an editorial staff with the ability to easily create professional-quality videos, while still offering customization tools that cater to each publisher’s audience. One of these tools is the option to choose between built-in design and graphics packages, or Themes as we call them here at Wibbitz. Themes change the look and feel of your video, including stylized text overlays, transitions, and visual effects. 

We began developing new Themes in response to some of our earliest partners’ request to customize videos for certain types of content. Each new Theme we roll out is designed to best illustrate different types of content produced by our publishers, and is created by our team of short-form video experts based on industry research and trends within specific content verticals.All of the following Themes can be found in the Publish stage of the Control Room platform. Once you select a Theme, videos are automatically produced with the Theme’s design and graphics using your custom color and branding.

FOX SPORTS CASE STUDY: How Wibbitz Custom Themes Support Quality Video Production at Scale

The Dynamic 2.0 Theme


The Dynamic Theme has been the bee’s knees among all the beautifully designed Themes, and especially favored by publishers who focus on entertainment news. That’s why we rolled out an upgraded version – Dynamic 2.0. Inheriting the glittering style of its original design, the new Theme presents an artfully eclectic look perfect for your evergreen and entertainment news stories. Videos embellished by Dynamic 2.0 Theme will catch your audience’s attention effortlessly, and will give them another reason to stay on your site.

The Minimal Theme


If you believe less is more and embrace simplicity, the Minimal Theme is a perfect way to package your video. The Minimal Theme was designed with clean, simple shapes and color palettes, inspired by the longtime art influencer Piet Mondrian. With its elegant rounded font and modest transitions, the Minimal Theme is a great way to amplify your video’s story by putting your highest-quality media footage at the forefront.

The Sports Theme


One of the latest Themes to step up to the plate was inspired by our goal-oriented publishers who’ve seen top results with Wibbitz. Sports articles are seamlessly videoized with our platform, enabling partners like USA Today Sports to increase video views by 70% in just one month across 12 of its properties. We decided to launch the new Sports Theme for game recaps, team features, or just general sports news, and it’s proven to be a game-changing assist. With flashy graphics reminiscent of big game highlights, our new Theme is designed to boost performance and drive some serious game-day traffic.

The Modern Theme


Publishers often struggle with adapting their content to the short and digestible formats that people seek out on the web, especially those covering tech, finance, and business. We created the Modern Theme to give videos a polished yet millennial-friendly vibe and to package stories in a way that today’s digital audiences can connect with. By adding splashes of your brand’s color and a variety of text overlay styles, the Modern Theme entices video viewers to share your video and vast industry knowledge with their professional networks. Versatile enough to work with a variety of content, it’s an easy solution for adding a touch of pizzazz to any story.

The Dynamic Theme


Kanye, Kim, and the rest of the A list (or the K list?) will feel most at home in this lively, glittering Theme that screams entertainment news. The Dynamic Theme boasts flashy transitions and dynamic text overlays that perfectly accentuate the trendiest of topics and the guiltiest of pleasures to put the “style” into your lifestyle news videos. Most readers are looking for an element of fantasy when they browse their favorite pop culture sites, so it’s important to have videos that will catch their eye by emulating the dramatic and extravagant nature of your stories.

The Elegant Theme


For hard-hitting, no-nonsense news and more formal reporting, the Elegant Theme gives videos a structured design that looks similar to a classic 6 o’clock broadcast. Its simple lower-third captions and modest transitions were designed to emphasize your article’s important takeaways without any frills or distractions. As the very first Wibbitz Theme we launched, it plays a founding role in our always-evolving video platform’s editing tools.

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