Wibbitz Partners with Prisma Media—France’s Largest Magazine Publisher—to Power Mobile Video

Posted by Zohar Dayan on Jun 23, 2016 11:39:36 AM

Topics: Company News


For large media outlets looking to uphold their legacy and continue expansion, it’s no secret that digital video is key. However, it’s difficult for legacy and multi-brand publishers to consistently produce the same quantity and quality of video content that readers have grown to expect from their favorite brands. That is why the largest magazine publisher in France, Prisma Media, has chosen to partner with Wibbitz—the only automated video solution of its kind—to create desktop, social and mobile-friendly video for all 20 of their digital magazine brands and new mobile app Infonity. You can find the full press release here. Et en français, voilà.

Each of Prisma Media’s brands, including Voici, Capital, National Geographic, Gala and Harvard Business Review France, will use the Wibbitz Control Room platform to create video for their respective websites and social platforms, as well as for the publisher’s new curated content app, Infonity. The new app will offer three options to consume every story—text, audio, and video—and will require a large volume of premium video production that is only made possible by our automated platform.

“Video was always a major part of our vision for Infonity, and we knew we needed to produce a huge number of high-quality videos while still maintaining the integrity of the content. Wibbitz has been extremely responsive and proactive as a partner to help us successfully launch Infonity. It’s rare that a tech company works so diligently to understand a customer's needs and to be able to respond as quickly and accurately as they have, particularly a technology company not native to France.”

- Gilles Tanguy, Chief Editor at Capital and member of Infonity’s editorial team

Voici was one of Prisma Media’s first brands to begin publishing videos created with Wibbitz. With only two team members currently using Wibbitz’s platform, the videos they produce are receiving over 8,000 views each, with an average of one million video views on their website alone. We’re excited to see how Prisma Media evolves as more brands start implementing—and entire newsrooms are given access to—our premium text-to-video solution.

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