Hearst, USA Today Sports, & ViralNova Partner with Wibbitz for Video Strategy

Posted by Zohar Dayan on Oct 20, 2015 2:15:46 PM

Topics: Company News

With the steady increase in consumer demand for video content and growing opportunity for video ad revenue, publishers are putting video at the top of their priority list. But while video is essential to compete in the digital media market, publishers still face many challenges in formulating a solid video strategy.

We're excited to announce our new partnerships with Hearst, USA TODAY Sports, and ViralNova to support their video initiatives. TechCrunch covered the news, explaining how Wibbitz will be used to create short-form videos for more than 35 sites under the three publisher's umbrellas.

Wibbitz CEO & Co-founder Zohar Dayan welcomed new partners saying, “Our technology has proven to be a critical asset to help our publishers reach their video goals. After securing a strong footprint abroad, we’re thrilled to launch with HearstUSA TODAY Sports Digital Properties, and ViralNova’s network of publications here in the U.S..”

Our new partners' diverse set of sites will leverage the Wibbitz platform to create video summaries of their text articles on topics ranging from 'Top 10 Celebrity Couples' to the U.S. presidential elections. Using our text-to-video technology, editorial teams will be able to produce high-quality videos in a matter of seconds.

We're excited to work with Hearst, USA TODAY Sports, and ViralNova in achieving their video goals and to provide new video solutions as digital media continues to evolve. For more information on how Wibbitz can help your publication's video strategy please contact us here .

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