Wibbitz Announces Q2 Report - Personalized, Silent, and Mobile: The Video Advertising Trifecta

Posted by Sarah Hughes on May 18, 2016 10:49:08 AM

Topics: Video Monetization, Company News


If you've been paying attention to the heated dispute surrounding ad-blockers, it’s evident that publishers and consumers have a love and hate relationship with ads (respectively). But what if we told you that audiences are actually accepting of certain video ad formats, and even prefer watching ads over paying for content?

We surveyed consumers to learn more about their video advertising preferences, and are excited to announce our second quarterly report - Personalized, Silent, and Mobile: The Video Advertising Trifecta. While 61% of respondents claimed to skip over ads whenever possible, 69% are not currently using an ad-blocker, and a whopping 85% admitted that they would take ads over paying for a subscription any day. Consumer sentiments around video ad formats varied based on their preferred platform or device, but our research revealed a valuable takeaway for video monetization strategies: video ads are most tolerable when personalized, silent, and on mobile. 

Our research confirms that the best approach for publishers to come out on top of the ad-blocking debacle has nothing to do with installing defensive software. As long as video ads follow the practices outlined in this report, audiences will actually watch (and maybe even enjoy) them. As more and more publishers make digital video ads central to their revenue strategies, advertisers and publishers must work together to create and deliver video ads that are conducive to a positive audience experience.

Want to learn which video ad formats are audience-approved? Download our full report!