Valentine's Day & A Love Story On Video

Posted by Hilary Kay on Feb 12, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Topics: Video Trends


Valentine’s Day…the best (or worst) day for romance of the year. Even if you won’t be spending the holiday with a honey, everyone can appreciate a good love story. Though for many couples in our technology infused world, a story doesn’t quite cut it. Love stories and letters were once satisfactory forms to share our undying love, but we now crave an even more engaging way of reliving those special moments. Videos are preferred, and sometimes even expected, to document our most meaningful memories.

A coworker of mine recently got engaged, and the filming of the proposal may have been just as important as the proposal itself. Before the big moment, the couple’s friend secretly set up a GoPro camera in a tree above the spot her boyfriend planned to propose. He was able to capture the surprise, joy, (and relief) that washed across her face when he popped the question. There are thousands of marriage proposal videos shared on the web, many of them becoming viral. Some grooms-to-be are even using a ring cam, a tiny camera hidden in a ring box, to record their proposal.

What is at the root of people’s desire to capture this significant moment? Besides the obvious answers, the need to save these memories on video stems from two reasons:

1) To relive their love story.
2) To share their story with others.

Storytelling most easily comes to life through video. What’s more powerful: a description of your beloved’s bright eyes and broad smile when she saw the ring; or the ability to watch the man kneel down on one knee, hear his nervous breath, then witness his lady’s gasp of surprise and tears of happiness? Videos allow us to relive stories. They also allow us to share our stories in a way that people can connect to. Videos engage people in the stories they tell, and engaging stories are meant to be shared.

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For publishers and social media strategists, this should be a big red flag (maybe with pink and white Valentine’s Day hearts), signaling to what your audience finds important when it comes to content shareability. Brands & marketers are increasingly using digital video content to spread the story of their brand. They understand that videos are something a viewer can connect to, enjoy, and remember. If video is the preferred way to remember and share our most personal moments, publishers can be confident in the engageability, and shareability, of video content. Audiences are more likely to share engaging content, and brands are more likely to see success if their content is shared.

Story content may vary on the scale of shareability, but supplementing with a video can increase chances to engage your audience. Whether it’s a tweet announcing the beautiful flowers you received from your significant other, or a video depicting highlights from the Grammys, shareability is important to every story. Cheers to creating a story worth sharing this Valentine’s Day!