9 Publishers With the Biggest Facebook Following… And What They’re Doing Right

Posted by Bradley Popkin on Aug 10, 2017 12:58:25 PM

Topics: Publishing Platforms

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Facebook is where social video got its start, and after all these years it’s still where lots of audiences turn to for daily news, entertainment, and lifestyle video content. As news consumption on the platform continues to grow, a number of publishers are delegating more resources to producing Facebook video to capitalize on its large and constantly growing community. Here, we took a look at the 9 leading publishers on the platform to find out their secrets to success.

1. MTV 

MTV continues to make strides in the video department and it shows on its Facebook page, which has accumulated over 49 million Likes. The leader in millennial and Gen Z content has amassed up to several million views daily on videos covering popular artists, lifestyle trends and politics. MTV is currently hiring additional personnel to ramp up their production of original and short-form video content - so we expect to see their presence on the platform continue to rise. Check out this MTV Facebook video that generated over 500K views within the first 2 hours it was posted:

2. History  

History has become much more than just a television network, as its Facebook page has developed quite the following with over 42 million Likes. It all started with the appointment of former News UK creative content director Tiffanie Darke as Editor in Chief, who has since revamped History’s digital presence with social video content. Darke and her team have been able to leverage History’s vast archive of memorabilia to reach hundreds of thousands of video views daily, like this one on the Yellowstone National Park hot springs.

3. Tasty 

Following the initial launch of the Buzzfeed Food Facebook page in 2012, it became clear that their team struck social video gold. The page quickly brought in over 100 million video views monthly, later resulting in social video accounting for half of BuzzFeed’s revenue in 2016. Tasty, another BuzzFeed food brand launched in 2015, quickly trumped its sister page, becoming the premiere Facebook destination for recipes and one of the social media giant’s biggest pages overall with over 87.7 million followers. In September 2016, Tasty generated 1.6 billion of its 1.8 billion total video views from Facebook alone. Check out this video on how to make sliders that tallied nearly 200 million views!

4. TMZ 

With over 7 million Facebook likes, TMZ has found a winning formula in social video - and it involves the Wibbitz automated video platform. Their popular Facebook playlist TMZ Quickies consists of square, short-form video summaries created in the Wibbitz Control Room, which have pulled in more than 689,000 video views on average over the last month. Some of their best performing content surrounds reality TV stars, like this video on Blac Chyna that tallied over 900K views.

5. Blossom 

In addition to being the leading provider of lifestyle content for millennial moms, Blossom has also built a following of over 22M likes, become the #1 Facebook page in views per post, and become the owner of Facebook’s most viewed video of all-time. Their record-setting video has 379 million views and counting. Parent company First Media boasts three prolific social brands (Blossom, So Yummy and Happier) that combined generate over 900 million monthly video views on the platform - 100% of which are organic. Video has clearly been the driving factor to their success - as evidenced by their #1 video on the best ways to reduce clutter.

6. China Daily 

China Daily, the premiere English-language Chinese news organization, just keeps on growing, thanks to a sound social video strategy. After launching their Facebook page in 2015, China Daily has amassed over 21 million likes. As of April 2016, the China Daily website saw 52 million page views daily. The large audience can be attributed to their ‘Learning Chinese’ series of videos, which boast an average of over 100,000 views each, like this one on summer desserts in China.

7. ESPN 

As Facebook and other social platforms are stealing viewers from the TV screen by signing lucrative streaming deals with major professional sports leagues, TV networks are finding the need to prioritize digital video now more than ever. ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, is currently making a shift towards mobile video in particular and it’s already paying off. ESPN’s Facebook page - which boasts over 18 million likes - garners hundreds of thousands of views daily on their square videos that are fully optimized for mobile screens. Some of their best content is packaged in short, 15-second blooper snippets that pull in hundreds of thousands of video views, like this video on Yankees player Aaron Judge.

8. Fox News 

The leading conservative news channel has been successful in luring its dedicated and growing fanbase online, racking up over 15.6 million likes. Fox News is consistently among the top Facebook pages, tallying tens of millions of engagements monthly. More specifically, they know how to create captivating live video. In April 2017 alone, Fox News generated more than 2.6 million live video engagements on their Facebook page. The network also attracts fans of their TV shows by uploading popular segments on original shows like “Fox and Friends.”

9. New York Times 

The New York Times has developed a large social media presence boasting over 14 million likes on Facebook. The heralded award-winning newspaper has honed the art of social video, with 82 percent - or 72.6 million - of NYT’s total video views coming solely from followers watching short-form videos on its Facebook account. Perhaps even more impressive, is the NYT’s ability to capture the millennial audience. Forty percent of the NYT’s traffic comes  from the millennial demographic, showing that even at 165 years old, “The Grey Lady” can speaker to a younger audience - and what they want is social video. Check out this video on North Korea, which picked up 245K views.

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