The Wibbitz Awards: Best Videos Powered By Wibbitz in 2017

Posted by Bradley Popkin on Dec 27, 2017 11:28:55 AM

Topics: Video Trends, A Word from the Wibbitz Editors


Wibbitz's in-house editorial team creates daily Top Story news videos using our text-to-video Control Room platform, and acts as our partners’ go-to video experts with in-depth trainings, personalized reviews, and actionable insights for optimum video performance. To wrap up 2017, our editors Bradley, Justen, and Kyle rounded up all of their favorite videos that our partners created this year. 

We're always amazed to see how each partner introduced to the Wibbitz platform finds new ways to get creative with automated video creation. And with all the updates we made to our platform's video editing tools this year, our partners have been able to get more creative than ever before. Here are our favorite videos created by our partners in 2017!

Best Entertainment Video: US WEEKLY

US Weekly presents its story with a flashy, fun and vibrant custom theme. Rather than placing quotes in the ‘Quote’ text overlay, the publisher experimented with ‘Highlight’ and ‘Text Card’ to mix up the appearance of quotes on screen.

Catt Sadler Leaves E! News Over Pay Disparity


Best Political Video: LE PARISIEN

Le Parisien used our vibrant French election theme to report on where all of the candidates will be casting their ballots. Showcased throughout is our base text overlay and distinct footage that kept us watching closely.

Présidentielle: Où les 5 favoris passeront leur dimanche électoral?


Best Sports Video: CBS SPORTS

CBS Sports took a creative approach and formatted a sports story in ‘Listicle’ even though the story is not a list. This is a dynamic way to mix up stylistic options for how your story appears on screen. This proves that the ‘Listicle’ format is perfect for showing off your branding at the start of the video and having text in each scene appear uniform throughout the story.

The Wonderful Play of the Week Belongs to Mark Ingram


Best Health Video: WEBMD

WebMD discusses how high cholesterol impacts your chances of getting heart disease with the help of our caption video.

How High Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease



The Harvard School of Public Health utilizes our diverse text alignment options for their video on the downside of energy drinks. Maneuvering text on screen is pivotal, especially when there are multiple subjects in a media asset. Our quote overlay wraps up this video and makes it simple to showcase what sources are saying.

More Than Half of All Kids in U.S. Could Have Obesity as Adults


Best Lifestyle Video: COOKING LIGHT

Cooking Light utilizes our highlight feature to spotlight relevant keywords and also takes advantage of our extensive stock media library for their video on how your desk job impacts your workout routine.

Your Desk Job Could Be Sabotaging Your Workout Routine


Best Business Video: BLOOMBERG

Bloomberg takes advantage of multiple text overlays including ‘Quote’ and ‘Highlight,’ and the vertical align option places text on different parts of each scene.

Bitcoin Futures Deliver Wild Ride as Debut Brings Rally, Halts


Best Tech Video: MARKETSCALE

MarketScale takes advantage of our vertical alignment tool and highlight feature to change the positioning of on-screen text, creating a nicely-packaged video on the role of edge computing in data solutions.

The Role of Edge Computing in Data Solutions


Best Square Video for Facebook: EDUCATION POST

Education Post created a square video and used the ‘Meme’ text overlay to give context to its images and help support the story. There is also a great mix of video and images to keep the viewer engaged while they learn facts about LGBT History Month.

What is LGBT History Month?


Best Vertical Video for Snapchat & Instagram Stories: REVOLT TV

RevoltTV teases this awesome story about Queen Bey with our Snippet video! This vertical-formatted video features our Swanky theme, which contains flashy text and is a great option for entertainment-based stories.

Beyoncé is 2017's Highest-Paid Woman in Music


Best Video that Made Us Laugh: AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB

This humorous puppy video from American Kennel Club uses minimal text on screen to focus on the viral footage, and includes a soundbite to give more context to the media.

Norman is BACK


Best Video that Made Us Cry: WHISTLE SPORTS

Whistle Sports produced this touching tribute video on a college lacrosse player who passed away from cancer. Filled with lots of captivating footage, Nicholas Colleluori’s inspiring story had us shedding a tear.

Medicine Game Monday


Most Rebranded Top Story Video

In light of the rising awareness of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, the Wibbitz Editorial Team crafted a top story centered around Time’s naming of ‘The Silence Breakers.’ Not only was the story widely circulated and emotionally investing, but the video used visually engaging creative tricks like adding a picture in the ‘Social Post’ text overlay.

Time Names 'The Silence Breakers' as 2017 Person of the Year


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