Partner Spotlight: How Video Won the Election for Mid-Sized Political Publishers

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Nov 1, 2016 6:46:11 PM

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Audience interest in political news stories peaks as soon as a story breaks, and consumer demand for digestible video election coverage is at an all time high. For small-to-medium size political publishers like Reverb Press and National Review, producing the quantity and quality of video necessary to compete with legacy giants like CNN and Fox News is seemingly impossible – especially leading up to major events like the U.S. presidential election. These two publishers, while opposite on the political spectrum, were faced with a similar challenge: to establish a successful video strategy without a video team.

Since working with Wibbitz, National Review and Reverb Press have not only expanded their video output, but have developed their own unique strategies around the Wibbitz platform to differentiate themselves from the competition. Check out how our top performing political publishers are using video to get their voice heard in an exceptionally crowded news space just in time for one of the most critical moments in the political news space and, arguably, U.S. history.

REVERB PRESS: Driving Traffic from Social

“We realized that we needed to get into video, and quickly - but didn’t have the money or resources to produce original video. The Wibbitz technology came along at the perfect time because we were really starting to wonder what our next step would be.”

- Ed Lynn, Managing Editor & Co-Founder of Reverb Press

REVERB PRESS CASE STUDY: Political Publishers Reach Audiences on Social Media

Facebook has been the #1 driver of traffic to Reverb Press’s site, which was challenging for the growing publisher with Facebook's constant changes to the newsfeed algorithm. Reverb Press’s partnership with Wibbitz has allowed the publication’s monthly video output to go from zero to 100+ with only two members working in the Control Room platform. And by leveraging Wibbitz Top Stories – trending videos created daily by our in-house newsroom – Reverb Press has been able to respond to political news stories as soon as they break with readily-packaged, fully-branded video summaries and publish them directly to their Facebook feed, within that small window of time that audience reach is at its peak. By establishing a strong social video strategy, Reverb Press has successfully continued to grow a targeted and loyal audience for their “Stories That Resonate”.

Check out some of the best performing videos from Reverb Press’s Facebook feed leading up to the election, published directly from the Wibbitz Control Room platform:

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Hits Back at FBI Director James Comey



LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton in Emotionally Charged Declaration



NATIONAL REVIEW: Maximizing Value On-Site

“Wibbitz has made video creation for our election coverage extremely simple. We're able to take our concept, put it into text and easily create a great foundation for a video. It's then simple to edit and the automatic branding is the perfect finishing touch. I would never have been able to create these videos, which have been extremely popular with our readers, without the Wibbitz platform.”

- Ericka Andersen, Digital Director at National Review

NATIONAL REVIEW CASE STUDY: How Wibbitz Video Players Support Publishers' Video Monetization Strategies

As one of the leading right-wing news publishers, National Review has a large, targeted audience that is highly engaged and highly sought after by advertisers. However, it’s difficult to truly take advantage of a site’s valuable real estate without compromising editorial quality and alienating audiences with distracting ads. With the help of our automated video platform, National Review has been able to build a video strategy and expand their on-site video ad inventory with fully-branded, audience-friendly videos that fit in natively on their site – with only one person (who had minimal prior video experience) responsible for video creation. Our star political publisher has already seen their videos receive more than a million views each, generate a 20% increase in monthly revenue, and it’s only been three months!

Here are some of National Review’s most popular videos created for the election in the Wibbitz platform:

Peter Thiel: 'Trump Is Not Crazy and He's Not Going Away'



Why the FBI Let Hillary Go Free