All Eyes are On Automation at the 2017 GEN Summit

Posted by Lucie Lerat on Jun 22, 2017 10:29:17 AM

The Global Editors Network (GEN) kicked off the 7th annual GEN Summit in Vienna this Wednesday, June 21st, gathering over 750 editors-in-chief and media innovators from over 70 countries. The theme of the year is From Post-Truth to Virtual Reality: Navigating Media’s Future. The Summit is divided into daily themes - the first day started with disruption, the second was about innovation and the last one will focus on cooperation. Laurent Lasserre, our Country Director of France, is attending the summit and gave us his insights into the hottest topics and takeaways from the first day of the conference:

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5 Steps for Covering Viral Stories with Video

Posted by Kyle Basedow on Jun 20, 2017 10:54:31 AM

The best part about working with the news is that there is never a dull moment. Something is always breaking, trending or going viral. Sometimes, it can be all three. However, it’s important to make the distinction between the three because while they can all be related or even about the same thing, they are not interchangeable.

  • Breaking news often deals with stories that are happening right now, and that the public needs to know because they carry some sort of importance one way or another.

  • Trending news often builds up over time and picks up traction at a slower pace before reaching a peak and falling off in rapid succession.

  • Viral news is nearly identical to trending news except it spreads faster, and often has a longer lifespan than a piece of news that is “trending."

Of the three, viral news can be the toughest to cover - especially with video - as the details available are usually sparse. If a video or tweet or heartwarming story suddenly goes viral, you want to try and get out ahead of the pack… but it’s important that your speed doesn’t impact the accuracy of your story. When covering a viral story, here are some steps you should make sure you’re checking off:

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TheStreet Partners with Wibbitz to Accelerate Digital Video Production

Posted by Zohar Dayan on Jun 15, 2017 8:02:00 AM

In order to keep up with 24/7 nature of the finance market, audiences who are interested in making smart investments need a reliable and unbiased go-to news source., a business unit of TheStreet, Inc. has distinguished itself as a leading financial news source by providing real-time editorial coverage on market updates and investment opportunities, along with its broadcast-style video series featuring well-known analysts and journalists right from the NYSE floor. We’re thrilled to be chosen by to supplement its daily and breaking business news reporting with short-form video summaries. By implementing Wibbitz’s automated video creation platform into its newsroom’s workflow, the publisher is able to speed up video production, and diversify its ad inventory with original video content. You can find the full announcement here.

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Introducing the New Homepage: Publishers’ Launching Pad for Top Performing Video Creation

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Jun 11, 2017 7:12:55 PM

While working with publishers of all sizes and content verticals, we noticed a few things to hold true across the board: a majority of their revenue is coming from ads on their owned-and-operated websites, and a majority of their website traffic is found on less than 20% of their pages, where their most popular and top-trending articles exist. We like to call this the 80/20 rule. We also noticed that, with today’s crowded and fast-paced news cycle, a trending article is only trending for so longusually not much longer than 24 hours. It’s critical that videos are published to those trending article pages in the time that traffic is at its peak, in order to fully take advantage of the engagement and revenue opportunities available. That is why we’ve launched a brand new homepage in the Wibbitz Control Room platform – where publishers can quickly identify, create, and publish videos around the stories their audience cares most about, all in one place.

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5 Predictions for Video Advertising in the European Market

Posted by Li Zhao on Jun 8, 2017 3:23:19 PM

As OTT (over-the-top) video services like Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Video are penetrating into more European households, cord-cutting has become a prevailing phenomenon that is not only limited to the US. According to eMarketer, digital video viewers will represent over half of the total population of Western Europe this year. For now, the largest digital video penetration rate is seen in English-speaking countries, as a large majority of online content is still coming from the States. But as the European market continues to adapt to this quickly growing trend, we expect to see digital video advertising become as prevalent as it already has become in the US - where digital advertising has already surpassed TV, and video ads are preferred over traditional display with 2.2 times higher CPMs. Based on recent industry data and our own expertise on the video advertising market, we came up with 5 predictions that we expect to see in the European media space in the coming year:

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7 Tech-Savvy Newsrooms Embracing New Media Technologies

Posted by Stephanie Ho on Jun 6, 2017 11:23:03 AM

Where does innovation happen in a newsroom? Experiments with new technologies are being undertaken by reporters and editors at both legacy media organizations and news start-ups. Some of these companies have even developed incubator-like spaces to foster explorations and applications of bots, 360 video, push notifications, and other fun digital ways to adapt journalism to the web. Here are seven of the most innovative newsrooms as of late, along with their most exciting technological initiatives that are changing the way we consume the news:

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AMI Partners with Wibbitz to Expand Digital Video and Advertising Offerings

Posted by Zohar Dayan on May 31, 2017 6:07:00 AM

The advertising landscape is evolving along with audiences’ media consumption habits, which are primarily dependent upon two factors: population and platform. Population shifts create a younger, more tech-savvy consumer base, and encourage advertisers to seek for an effective multiplatform advertising solution. American Media Inc. (AMI), the legacy media company that pioneered celebrity and lifestyle reporting, foresaw this trend, and began leveraging innovative technologies to integrate its monetization solution into every medium including print, digital, and mobile. We’re excited that AMI has chosen to partner with Wibbitz to achieve this goal by diversifying their ad inventory with original digital video content. You can find the full press release here.

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GroundSource CEO Andrew Haeg on the Engagement Cycle

Posted by Gal Shyli on May 30, 2017 12:40:29 PM

Welcome to our Industry Insight blog series, where we will be interviewing the industry's most influential thought leaders working to make an impact on the future of storytelling. For our first Industry Insight interview, we decided to pick the brain of Andrew Haeg, CEO of GroundSource, to learn more about how publishers can create, and then grow, an engaged and loyal community by establishing trust and becoming part of the conversation.

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Why Autoplay & Scroll-to-Play is the Best Way

Posted by Sarah Hughes on May 25, 2017 4:47:59 PM

The first introduction of autoplay may be attributed to the now-defunct Vine, but it wasn’t until Facebook adopted the format a year later (and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started popping up in our feeds) that autoplay started getting the industry-wide attention it deserved. Now, another four years later, autoplay has become the standard video format on every social feed, and most major publishers have followed suit on their own websites. However, “autoplay” is a bit of a broad term. Scroll-to-play, the type of autoplay that is common on social platforms, will autoplay a video once it arrives on screen, and will stop once a user scrolls past to allow for the next video to play. But on many publishers’ sites, a video will autoplay as soon as a page loads – so it may not be seen if it isn’t placed above the fold. Publishers need to do everything in their power to make their website’s content as valuable as possible to both advertisers and their audience. That means placing players above the fold, creating relevant video content, and, for the following reasons, setting them to autoplay and scroll-to-play:

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The 4 Best Places for Video Players on Your Website

Posted by Sarah Hughes on May 23, 2017 12:16:47 PM

Most publishers have already figured out by now that their website needs video. Video has proven to be the best way to drive, engage, and keep audiences on site… and to generate some serious revenue. However, digital video is a pretty big investment. It’s not enough to just ramp up video production and expect a profitable ROI. Video viewability has a huge impact on video monetization – so the way in which videos are distributed across a publisher’s website (and where they’re distributed to) deserves just as much attention as the way they’re produced. In short, the videos that have the most potential for engagement and revenue are the videos that audiences actually see

Here, in order, are the four locations on an article page that video players should be placed to ensure optimal video viewability, along with five examples from our most profitable publishing partners:

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5 Publishers Sticking to Great Video Monetization Strategies

Posted by Elle Merritt on May 16, 2017 12:01:00 AM

It’s no secret that video adds immense value to a site. Videos are simply more engaging than static content and have proven to be an effective way to reach and maintain a solid audience. Not only does video provide a better user experience for the viewer, but, as digital video ad spend continues to surpass that of search and display, it’s also the best way to generate revenue.

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Infographic: The Creative AI Landscape

Posted by Sarah Hughes on May 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

AI has been used to speed up processes and take over the busy work in multiple creative industries as of late. But can smart machines also be used to actually create content? We decided to answer that question by compiling 35 AI companies whose powerful technologies are automating the creation of four different types of content: text, audio, graphic design, and video. With these tools in hand, any content creator can tell their story in any way that they like. 

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Millennials vs Generation Z: How everyone's favorite audience demographics are consuming media

Posted by Gal Shyli on May 9, 2017 12:44:42 PM

“Wait, how are you already on Snapchat?!”

For the first time in my 26-year-old life, I felt old. Watching my 10-year-old nephew Snapping away with such ease left me completely speechless. I couldn’t help but laugh as I recalled how foreign Snapchat, and Instagram for that matter, used to feel. I vividly remember trying to figure out filters and hashtags, while it appears like my nephew was born a pro. I can pinpoint the day my family got its first computer and how I anxiously awaited every connection to AIM so I could chat with my crush before my time on the shared computer expired...

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How Our WordPress Plugin Helps Publishers Streamline Video Distribution & Monetization

Posted by Sarah Hughes on May 4, 2017 3:35:04 PM

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and its familiarity with writers all over the world, has evolved from its initial user base of small businesses and bloggers to become the most widely used open source Content Management System on the internet. In fact, WordPress now powers over 27% of all websites – 62% of which are owned by Inc. 5000’s top 100 fastest growing companies, along with leading publications like Wired, TechCrunch, Quartz, and BBC America.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks to running a site on WordPress is the ability to easily integrate it with every major platform through its 49,982 (and counting) plugins. And since our number one goal at Wibbitz is make it as easy as possible for every publisher to distribute and monetize video on every page of their site, it only made sense to build a WordPress plugin to do just that.

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How to Create Videos for your Top Trending Articles

Posted by Bradley Popkin on May 2, 2017 12:19:08 PM

Wibbitz's in-house editorial team creates daily Top Story news videos using our text-to-video Control Room platform. In his guest post, Wibbitz Editor Bradley reveals how to create the most impactful videos for your top-trending articles.

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The 80/20 Rule: How to Make the Biggest Impact with Video

Posted by Ido Niv-Ron on Apr 27, 2017 10:22:25 AM

Working closely our publishing partners, our VP of Sales Ido Niv-Ron discovered an important trend that every publisher should follow to maximize engagement and ROI. You can find the original version of his article on Digiday here.

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Wibbitz Announces New Office in France to Drive European Expansion

Posted by Yotam Cohen on Apr 25, 2017 12:01:00 AM

We’re excited to announce that Wibbitz has opened an office in the beautiful city of Paris, France to expand our existing presence in the region, and to support even more European publishers with our one-of-a-kind video solution. You can find the full press release here. Vous pouvez trouver le communiqué de presse en français, ici, et le blog en français au-dessous.

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Forbes Partners with Wibbitz to Supplement Contributed Content with Automated Video

Posted by Zohar Dayan on Apr 20, 2017 12:27:50 PM

Automation has been revolutionizing the publishing and media industry as of late by providing new tools and solutions to better meet users’ consumption habits. Forbes, a global media company focused on business, technology and entrepreneurship, has set a prime example for future-minded publishers by proactively seeking out and adapting to new technologies and methods for digital storytelling. We’re thrilled to announce that Forbes has selected Wibbitz to supplement their existing digital content with videos created from our automated platform. You can find the full press release here.

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5 Ways Automation is Benefiting Digital Publishers

Posted by Stephanie Ho on Apr 18, 2017 1:47:21 PM

If you’ve always wanted an assistant to make your everyday tasks at work easier, consider the ways automation has already been helping digital publishers. The recent influx of automated journalism can be largely attributed to The Associated Press, who began experimenting with then-fledgling startup Automated Insights to automate the creation of news content back in 2013. Since then, reputable journalists from the ICIJ to the Olympic games have been using smart machines to gather, analyze, and distribute news stories. Even the AP’s latest report, which covers how automation is benefiting publishers as of late, was written in “collaboration among two humans and multiple artificial intelligence systems.” 

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Best Practices for Creating Evergreen Video Content

Posted by Kyle Basedow on Apr 13, 2017 11:34:41 AM

Wibbitz's in-house editorial team creates daily Top Story news videos using our text-to-video Control Room platform. In his guest post, Wibbitz Editor Kyle gives us expert advice on creating evergreen video content that will stand the test of time.

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FOX Sports Partners with Wibbitz, Empowering its Editorial Team to Produce Video

Posted by Zohar Dayan on Apr 4, 2017 12:01:00 AM

Sports audiences are increasingly turning to their mobile screens for up-to-date stats, recaps and analyses from their favorite news outlets. It's critical for major sports publishers' websites to provide these audiences with a full content package that they can easily and quickly consume wherever they are – and video has become a key element for an optimum mobile experience. We're excited to announce that FOX Sports, the leading sports news publisher in the U.S., has chosen to implement Wibbitz's automated video solution into their editorial content strategy, in order to enhance their website's offering with engaging and top-quality video. 

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Five Things We Learned at the Digiday Publishing Summit 2017

Posted by Li Zhao on Apr 3, 2017 3:19:12 PM

At this year's Digiday Publishing Summit, we heard from dozens of inspiring leaders covering the hottest topics in today's publishing and media industry. Check out Digiday's quick recap video (created in the Wibbitz platform!) to learn the 5 biggest takeaways from the conference: 

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New York Daily News Partners With Wibbitz to Power Automated Video Production

Posted by Zohar Dayan on Mar 30, 2017 8:58:00 AM

As the demand for digestible video content skyrockets, even larger brands with abundant resources are finding it difficult to meet this demand. Publishers need to find new ways to ramp up their online video strategy in order to produce engaging videos that resonate with their audience at scale. We’re excited to announce that New York Daily News, New York’s leading news publisher, has selected Wibbitz to automate video production for their site and social media platforms. You can find the full press release here.

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How to Multiply Your Traffic from Social Media

Posted by Yaron Bloch on Mar 28, 2017 10:44:32 AM

In a recent experiment, we tested out what will drive our audience to click more on an article. We created two Facebook posts: one with an image and a link to the article, and a second with the same link and a 10-second-long video teaser (Snippet) instead. The results were outstanding. The post with the video story generated 16 times more clicks, which in turn generated 16 times more traffic to our site.

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Videos are as Mobile-Friendly as Possible

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Mar 23, 2017 4:10:42 PM

Mobile video has gotten its fair share of buzz as of late, and for good reason – last year, Google found more than half of all web traffic to come from mobile, and according to Cisco, 60% of mobile data traffic was attributed to… you guessed it, video. Advertisers followed suit by increasing mobile video ad spend to $1.6 billion, which was a whopping 178% increase from the year before, and over 40% of the $3.9 billion online video ad market. And now that more cellular providers are offering unlimited data plans, these numbers will only continue to skyrocket – video’s dominance in mobile traffic is projected to grow another 15 points by 2020, and a majority of advertisers to expect their mobile spending to increase by at least 25% this year.

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