Wibbitz Report - Live Video, Chatbots, Wearables & VR: Investing in the Future of News Technologies

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Sep 14, 2016 8:50:00 AM

Topics: Audience Insights, Company News


Each new technology introduced into the media & publishing technology as of late has presented publishers with exciting new ways to distribute their content, and many publishers are scrambling to adapt to each new medium in fear of being left in the dust. Of course, investing in new solutions for content distribution is the first step for survival in the current digital media landscape. But in order to squeeze the most value out of these investments, publishers must also understand how each new technology is perceived in the minds of consumers - and which types of audiences actually plan on using them - as a way to get the news.

After some deep research into the minds of tech-savvy (and not so savvy) consumers, we’re excited to announce our latest report from the Wibbitz Research Hub: Live Video, Chatbots, Wearables & VR: Investing in the Future of News Technologies. We surveyed over 1,000 respondents to find out how consumers are responding to live video, chatbots, wearables and virtual reality as a way to get the news, and how adoption and consumption patterns contributed to their overall perception. Our findings will help publishers mold their content strategies around these new media technologies, and learn which should be prioritized now for the best possible ROI in the future.

While our data reinforces some obvious consumer trends (spoiler alert: video is still king), it also reveals some important insights that publishers should consider in their investment decisions for present and future audiences. With this report as a guide, publishers will learn how to leverage each solution in order to provide the best possible experience for their audience - and will not just survive, but thrive for years to come.

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