A List of Reasons to Add Video to Your Listicle Articles

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Apr 7, 2016 10:51:21 AM

Topics: Product Updates, Video Trends


Buzzfeed may not have invented the list, but they certainly made a splash in the publishing industry with their mastery of the list article. Listicles have now been widely adopted and acknowledged by publishers as an important article format in the digital age. As a company that strives to provide turnkey solutions for producing easily digestible and visually stimulating content, Wibbitz has launched the List Video so that publishers can capitalize on the list trend that has quickly evolved into an industry norm. The List Video is a feature in our Control Room platform, and works by using a list of text content to automatically create a short-form video complete with transitions, text overlays, and after-effects.

Our partners like 10Best and RawStory have already begun to see its payoff on their sites, and we have found the List Video to be of particular value to the local and special-interest publishers we're working with. Brands like USA Today Fantasy Sports and Islands that previously faced challenges establishing a strong video strategy for their audience-specific content now have an expansive video inventory by leveraging this new option for their videos. These are the four key reasons our partners are creating more listicle videos around their articles:


1. Drive Traffic

Lists are the easiest way for the human brain to digest information, so it makes sense that readers gravitate toward listicles more than any other type of short-form content. Organizing your Top 10 Best Surf Spots into a visually stimulating, 1 minute long listicle video translates quite nicely across social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers are commonly viewing from their work desk or mobile phones, so media-rich list content is the perfect hook to catch their interest. A listicle video increases the incentive for audiences to check out your article and explore more similar offerings across your site, all during their lunch break.

2. Build Engagement

In a study on content engagement conducted by BuzzStream and Fractl, listicles generated the most shares by volume for the news, entertainment, travel, automotive, finance, and health verticals. Content that catered to a more specific audience also had the highest share rate amongst others within that niche. Newswhip also recently published an analysis looking at share rates of links, images, and videos on Facebook, coming to the conclusion that video shares ‘far outstrip other formats.’ Adding the shareability of video content to your already shareable listicles is a surefire way to build engagement and gain reach. By leveraging our platform's List Video, you will have a greater opportunity to both initiate and be the topic of conversation within your key interest groups.

3. Optimize for Search Engines

Try something out for us and search the phrase “best French restaurants in NYC.” With Yelp and Zagat results aside, how many of the top results have a number in the title? Answer: all of them. Search engines determine rankings based on relevancy and popularity. By organizing your content into a cohesive list of keyword-rich titles, headers and relevant media, it automatically raises your SEO rankings for each related search term. As your post gains more shares, clicks and views from social media, it will also lead to a boost in popularity points (aka SEO rankings). With the added enhancement of digital video and its keyword-optimized metadata, your chances of ranking high organically will increase and give you the competitive edge needed to show up at the top of results.

4. Increase Ad Revenue

It probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Building an inventory of digital video is the key to winning digital ad revenue. Video ads generate 5-10x more revenue than display ads, so a single pre-roll ad will maximize monetization of high-traffic listicle articles, rather than overwhelming your audience with hundreds of display and pop-up ads. Listicle videos also provide space for advertisers to place highly targeted ads in order to reach a specific audience, increasing the value of your inventory. By leveraging our List Video for your interest-specific video content, your site immediately becomes prime real estate.

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